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Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza Doctora (Nombre personal)

Forma preferida: Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza Doctora
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  • Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza
  • Huerta-Lwanga, Esperanza
  • Huerta Lwanga Esperanza
  • Huerta-Lwanga, E.
  • Huerta L., Esperanza
  • Huerta Lwanga, E.
  • Huerta, Esperanza
  • Huerta, E.
  • Huerta E.
  • Esperanza Huerta-Lwanga
  • Esperanza Huerta Lwanga
  • Esperanza Huerta L.
  • E. Huerta Lwanga
  • E. Huerta
  • Esperanza Huerta

Carta de la autora, 18 enero 2005: (E. Huerta)

Dr. Esperanza Huerta Lwanga obtained her Ph.D. in soil Ecology in Paris, France in 2002, under the guide of Patrick Lavelle, since 2003 works at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, and since 2017 works at Wageningen University, as a senior scientist, she has studied the relationship between earthworms, soil properties, microplastics, and pesticides in different terrestrial environments. She believes that understanding the biology and ecology of soil invertebrates will allow several opportunities for using them as soil quality indicators, soil fertility promotors, and helpers in soil rehabilitation.

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