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Tlaloc hildebrandi (Término temático)

Forma preferida: Tlaloc hildebrandi
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  • Chiapas Killifish
  • Escamudo de San Cristóbal
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  • Encabezamiento genérico: Peces

Schmitter Soto, Juan Jacobo. Tlaloc hildebrandi, Chiapas Killifish. En: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e.T169366A1274187 (2019), páginas 1-10 (Tlaloc hildebrandi)

Tlaloc hildebrandi occurs in the upper reaches of the Grijalva and Usumacinta river basins in Chiapas, Mexico. This highly restricted species faces ongoing habitat decline and degradation, principally caused by urbanisation and pollution, as well as invasive species. However, the population is relatively large, numbering well above 8000 individuals at the San Cristobal location. Additionally, a protected area has been established. With an estimated extent of occurrence (EOO) of 1894 km2 (the area of the drainage basin), an area of occupancy (AOO) of 116 km2 and three locations (based on the most severe threats), this species is assessed as Endangered (EN) under B1ab(ii,iii)+B2ab(ii,iii).

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