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Resiliencia ecológica (Término temático)

Forma preferida: Resiliencia ecológica
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  • Ecological resilience
  • Resilience (Ecology)
  • Ecological resilience
  • Ecosystem resilience
  • Resiliencia (Ecología)
  • Resiliencia ecologica
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Hernández Montilla. Evaluación de la resiliencia de Los Petenes en México al aumento del nivel del mar por el cambio climático, 2015: p. 13 (Resiliencia ecológica)

Work cat.: Forest resilience, biodiversity, and climate change, c2009: p. 4 (Ecological resilience)

Wikipedia La Encilopedia Libre, 17 septiembre 2015: Resilience (ecology)

Ecological resilience: The ability of a system to absorb impacts before a threshold is reached where the system changes into a different state) p. 5 (Resilience: The capacity of an ecosystem to return to the pre-condition state following a perturbation, including maintaining its essential characteristics taxonomic composition, structures, ecosystem functions, and process rates) p. 7 (Resilience is the capacity of a forest to withstand (absorb) external pressures and return, over time, to its pre-disturbance state

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