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Metal speciation in the environment [Libro electrónico] / editores: J. A. C. Broekaert, Ş. Güçer, F. Adams

Broekaert, J. A. C [editor] | Güçer, Ş [editor/a] | Adams, F [editor/a].
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 en línea Libro en línea Series Editor: New York, New York, United States: Springer-Verlag, c1990Descripción: vii, 645 páginas : ilustraciones ; 25 centímetros.ISBN: 3540504230; 0387504230; 9783642742088 (Print); 9783642742064 (Online).Tema(s): Metals -- Environmental aspects -- CongressesNota de acceso: Disponible para usuarios de ECOSUR con su clave de acceso Nota de bibliografía: Incluye bibliografía Número de sistema: 56120Contenidos:Mostrar Recurso en línea:
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1. Assessment of metal mobility in sludges and solid wastes.. 2. The complexation of metal ions by humic substances in natural waters.. 3. Complexation of paramagnetic metal ions by aquatic fulvic acids.. 4. Study of lead fulvic acid interactions by voltammetric methods.. 5. Isotachophoretic investigations into the speciation of niobium (V and plutonium (IV in the presence of citrate.. 6. The effect of caffeic acid on the speciation of metal ions in plant nutrient solutions.. 7. Complexes of monosaccharides with metal ions: some bioinorganic and environmental inorganic chemistry aspects.. 8. Kinetic studies on the interaction of metals between water and clay mineral.. 9. The occurrence of heavy metals in Antarctic and Greenland ancient ice and recent snow.. 10. Elemental species analyses with isotope dilution mass spectrometry.. 11. Speciation of trace elements in serum or plasma.. 12. Chemical sensors in environmental analysis: ammonium and cadmium sensors.. 13. Use of icp-spectrometry for environmental analysis.. 14. Preconcentration of refractory elements for inductively coupled plasma atomic fluorescence spectrometry.. 15. Hplc-aas interfaces for the determination of ionic alkyllead, alkyltin, arsonium and selenonium compounds.. 16. Coupling of HPLC and chemical reaction detectors for trace analysis of alkyllead species.. 17. Speciation of organolead compounds by gc-aas.. 18. Analysis of mercury - species in sediments.. 19. Stability study of cr(III and cr(VI in water for production of an aqueous chromium reference material.. 20. Organic arsenic compounds in petroleum and natural gas.. 21. Application of polarographic and voltammetric techniques in environmental analysis.. 22. Metal speciation in flue gases, work place atmospheres and precipitation..

23. Evaluation of new organic phase extraction procedures for studying the role of terrestrial humic substances in the speciation of iron and plutonium.. 24. Development and improvement of analytical methods for specification scheme of al in the mobile soil phase.. 25. The analysis of arsenic in turkish coals and ashes by photometric methods and meca.. 26. The ecological role of aquatic organic and inorganic components, deduced from their nature, circulation and interactions.. 27. Exchange of heavy metals between sediment components and water.. 28. Biogeochemical cycling of atmospheric selenium.. 29. Partitioning of trace metals in sediments and its relationship to their accumulation in benthic organisms.. 30. Environmental chemistry of the actinide elements.. 31. Accumulation and distribution of 99tc in three bean plant varieties.. 32. Heavy metals in sediments of turkish river systems - natural background and anthropogenic effects.. 33. Chromium treatment of wastewaters by chemical methods.. 34. Bacterial response to copper in the environment: copper resistance in escherichia coli as a model system.. Bibliography

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