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Global bio-events: a critical approach: proceedings of the first international meeting of the IGCP project 216: "global biological events in earth history" [Libro electrónico] / edited by Otto H. Walliser

Walliser, Otto H [editor].
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 en línea Libro en línea Series Editor: New York, New York, United States: Springer-Verlag, c1986Descripción: vii, 442 páginas : ilustraciones mapas ; 25 centímetros.ISBN: 9783540171805 (Print); 9783540472445 (Online).Tema(s): Paleontology -- Congresses | Geology, Stratigraphic -- Congresses | Evolution -- Congresses | Paleobiogeography -- CongressesNota de acceso: Disponible para usuarios de ECOSUR con su clave de acceso Nota de bibliografía: Incluye bibliografía Número de sistema: 55766Contenidos:Mostrar Recurso en línea:
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1. The IGCP project 216 "global biological events in earth history".. 2. Towards a more critical approach to bio-events.. 3. Devonian events at the ense area (excursion to the rheinisches schiefer-gebirge.. 4. Ecostratigraphic criteria for evaluating the magnitude, character and duration of bioevents.. 5. Global bioevents and the question of periodicity.. 6. Chemical and isotopic variations in the world ocean during phanerozoic time.. 7. The role of oceanographic factors in the generation of global bio-events.. 8. Evolutionary changes in the proterozoic.. 9. Global biological events in the late Precambrian.. 10. Precambrian-Cambrian boundary biotas and events.. 11. The faunal extinction event near the ordovician-silurian boundary: a climatically induced crisis.. 12. A big event of latest ordovician in china.. 13. Ordovician-Silurian boundary event in bohemia (Prague basin-barrandian area.. 14. Early ordovician eustatic cycles and their bearing on punctuations in early nematophorid (planktic graptolite evolution.. 15. Global bio-events in the Ordovician?.. 16. Significant geological events in the Paleozoic record of the southern alps (austrian part.. 17. Reflection of possible global Devonian events in the barrandian area, C.S.S.R.. 18. Ammonoid evolution before, during and after the "kellwasser-event" - revien and preliminary new results.. 19. Frasnian mass extinction - a single catastrophic event or cumulative?.. 20. Evolution of the last tropidocoryphinae (trilobita during the frasnian.. 21. Middle to upper devonian boundary beds of the holy cross mts: brachiopod responses to eustatic events.. 22. The kellwasser event in Moravia.. 23. Geochemical analyses of the late devonian "kellwasser event" stratigraphic horizon at steinbruch schmidt (F.R.G... 24. Upper frasnian and lower tournaisian events and evolution of calcareous foraminifera - close links to climatic changes..

25. Miospore correlation between north American, German and Uralian (udmurtia deep facies through appalachian, irish and Belgian platform and continental facies near the devonian/carboniferous boundary.. 26. Permian fusulinacean faunas of Thailand - event controlled evolution.. 27. Triassic bryozoa and the evolutionary crisis of Paleozoic stenolaemata.. 28. Biological events in the evolution of mesozoic ostracoda.. 29. Effects and causes in a black shale event - the toarcian posidonia shale of Nw Germany.. 30. High-resolution event stratigraphy: regional and global cretaceous bio-events.. 31. Trace metal accumulation in black shales from the cenomanian/turonian boundary event.. 32. The cenomanian-turonian boundary event: sedimentary, faunal and geochemical criteria developed from stratigraphic studies in Nw-Germany.. 33. Upper cretaceous event-stratigraphy in Europe.. 34. The deccan trapps (India and cretaceous-tertiary boundary events.. 35. Palaeofloristic and palaeoclimatic changes in the cretaceous and tertiary periods (facts, problems and tasks.. 36. Two examples of evolution controlled by large scale abiotic processes: Eocene nummulitids of the south-pyrenean basin and cretaceous charophyta of western Europe.. 37. The diachronous c/t plankton extinction in the Danish basin.. 38. Some biostratigraphic and paleogeo-graphic observations on the cretaceous/tertiary boundary in the haymana polatli region (central turkey.. 39. Macro-invertebrates and the cretaceous-tertiary boundary.. 40. Bio-events in the continental realm during the cretaceous/tertiary transition: a multidisciplinary approach.. 41. Global tertiary climatic changes, paleophytogeography and phytostratigraphy.. 42. Reflections upon the changes of local tertiary herpetofaunas to global events.. Bibliography

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